Content Browser Thumbnails Not Previewing

Morning all,

I’m having a weird issue that didn’t exist until the most recent update. The thumbnails for the assets in my content browser aren’t previewing.


The only way I can see the asset is to open it and then the preview for that asset will render. Happens after every restart of UE5. My Google-fu has come up empty. I’ve updated to 5.02, restarted etc but the issue persists.

Any insights or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Hi, i was just looking for a solution for this since i’m having the same issue. Did you find something by any chance? I’m still looking on how to solve this as well

Have you tried to compile with IDE ? [VisualStudio(windows) or Rider(Jetbrain)], sometimes the newest version need to be setup with IDE.
i dont apparently have this prob, all thumbs are ok… no textures but seems ok.

Have a good luck

No, not really. Mine actually resolved itself when I updated the driver on my Nvidia card. I’m assuming that was the issue.

okay can you tag as resolved ?
thank for the info.