Content browser thumbnail scale?


I would like to report a possible bug in the content browser… basically the thumbnails look too big and I can’t scale them down using the scale slider (only scale them up).

I’m assuming this has to do with the resolution of my PC since I’m using an nvidia surround setup (3 monitors merged as one) so the total resolution is nearly 8K.

Works fine on my laptop which has low resolution though, I can make the thumbnail scale very small.

Is there some setting perhaps to adjust that? I’m using UE4 version 4.0.2 btw… I don’t know if it is already fixed in the 4.1 preview.


Thank you for your report. Can you try setting them to “List” mode from “Column” and see if that looks any better? Could you also provide screenshots so that we can better see the issue?


I’m already using the list mode.
Take a look.

Edit: yup it’s definitely the resolution that is causing this… this is how it looks when I set it so that it uses only 1 monitor (total res. 2560x1440).

Hi TK-Master,

Yeah this is a known issue with the content browser, it’s trying to be DPI independent. So it scales the thumbnails with the resolution. I likely won’t get the fix in for 4.1, but I’ll be sure to fix this for 4.2.

Nick (Epic Games)

Alright, thanks!

FYI - my fix just got integrated into the 4.1 branch, so it should be fixed in the next release :slight_smile:

Cheers, Nick