Content Browser thumbnail fail

Bug in 4.8 / 4.9 / 4.10

The thumbnails recapture in FX effects from the content browser/explorer don’t work.

Hi Hevedy -

Since Particle systems are meant to be an event over time, the thumbnail editing system used in the Content Browser which can capture Actors in 3D space and allow you to rotate around actor, does not function with Particle System. In other words, the system has no reference for time on which to call a particle system. This is by design and to keep editor performance high.

You can always open the particle system in Cascade and at the moment in the effect you want to take a snapshot you can click the Thumbnail button and on save and close the Thumbnail in the Content Browser will update the static image generated.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Adding a picture of What Lovecraft_K is talking about: