Content Browser + Saving items

Hello all,

This maybe a silly question but as a newbie or noob :slight_smile: I am still trying to get my head around UE4. I have received some great tip from some guys on here already and now I need more :slight_smile:

Firstly, is there a way of adding items into the content browser that will always be available. I use cinema 4D for interior visuals and I can add models, lighting, cams and textures etc that I can access when starting a new project, can this be done in UE4?

This would be great as I have a light set up I would like to use for every project, all I would need to do is drop new model into it.



Hi Georgess,

You would need to do this every time there is a new Engine version released but you could alter the “Starter Content” folder to have whatever you would like included.

You can migrate and add assets to it via the following file path: C: / Program Files / Unreal Engine / Engine Version ] / Samples / StarterContent/ Content/ StarterContent

If you end up having a lot of files in here be aware that anytime you create a new project and include this it will be copied to that project.


Another tip that I was told was to use a repository such as GitHub to store standard assets. It would be nice if there was a “User Library” that could be added to the UE4 startup area for non-marketplace content packages. That is one thing that I liked about Unity was the ability to save standard assets in a .unitypackage that could then be imported into different projects.

Hopefully we’ll see something equivalent.

thanks for your replies guys