Content Browser needs TONS of work

Move a folder and it just copies it. The relative paths for things like textures and blue print references are not actually updated. Organizing my directory tree as I set up a new project takes hours… It really is frustrating. And for the naysayers yes I do copy over content directories (But that is my custom content that I know exactly where everything is) but this is about the actual content browser.

For example I have 3 products from the market that dump directly into the root directory. By the end of importing materials, adding those projects and maybe migrating some foliage my root directory is a mess. I try to clean it up and it is still a mess (because move doesn’t actually delete a directory it only copies it) and nothing is linked correctly. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t… I didn’t going to the answer hub because this is not my error. These are the most root base functions in a computer. They just need some work…

OH YA: And it crashes all the time when I am attempt to move stuff around… But I make sure to send a bug report every time :smiley: I know how fun those are for the development side of things.

Anyway thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to use your amazing engine :smiley:

Hi Drixil,

Have you tried right-clicking the ‘old’ folder and choosing ‘Fix Up Redirectors In Folder’? Once you choose Delete, this should clean up any references and the next time you load the project the folder will be gone.

If I’m misunderstanding the issue, please let me know.