Content Browser: Lock the path widget placement

This has been a constant user interface annoyance for me.

I’m in my content browser, clicking down through my folder hierarchy, and as I’m clicking down and expanding folders, I move my mouse down to click on the next folder. The content path is displayed on a floating widget at the top of the content browser, but if the length of the path exceeds the floating width, the floating widget will get pushed down to the next horizontal place it can fit. This also pushes the rest of the content down, so if you are clicking fast, this moves the content under your mouse cursor by the height of the navigation breadcrumb widget, and the next click you make will click about 2-3 folders higher. It’s possible to keep clicking in the same exact place and cycle between 2 folders because the folder tree moves under your mouse with each click. I think this is bad usability design and causes endless frustration, and I humbly request that the navigation breadcrumb widget have its position locked instead of floating.

Exhibit A: with a short navigation breadcrumb and mouse cursor placement
Exhibit B: With a long navigation breadcrumb pushed down to next line, moving content down, making mouse cursor position click on wrong content folder.