Content Browser item selection extent

(First of all. Great job Epic. UE4 is the best thing that happened to my game design life!)

So, I request that you reduce the size of items selection extent in the Content Browser. Not the size of the icon, but the boundary of the selection area. Either all sides or just the top and bottom ones.
Why? If you have a lot of items in a Content Browser window, so much that you need to scroll to see them all, i.e you filled the window, then it gets very hard to find a space to right click to add new items. Most of the time you will find a line of pixels where you can right click without selecting any of the existing items, but you need to look for it, and that eats a lot of time in the long run. Or scroll down to the end of the browser, unless you got an even number of items.
Changing this boundaries shouldn’t be that hard for UI coders(?). It doesn’t have to be much, but the more the better, but always at least three pixels of empty space between each item.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

I agree with this. It’s not unique to UE4 either, I actually occasionally even have the same problem while browsing folders in Windows - while having files displayed as icons. I’m often surprised this isn’t something that more people encounter… are we doing something wrong?

I’m not sure what a good solution is in terms of UX, maybe even padding on the right and left of the content browser window so there is always somewhere to right-click?

I actually think that many with big asset libraries do encounter this, but might think it’s to small or “ridicules” to post about.
Adding a small boarder besides the Source Panel, or just make the selection box a bit smaller is both valid solution. Preferably both.