Content Browser Issue

In order to show the installed plugin blueprints and class files in the content browser both ‘Show Plugin Content’ and ‘Show Engine Content’ have to be checked. If either one isn’t checked then the plugin content isn’t visible but is still usable. I added the plugin from the marketplace and activated it via the Edit->Plugins and also restarted. The plugin is available for usage and is visible if “both” boxes are checked. The issue is that I shouldn’t need to check the ‘Show Engine Content’ and by having it checked, the content browser is flooded by all the Engine Content that I don’t want to see. I just want to see my two plugin folders ‘AscentCombatFramework Content’ and ‘AscentCombatFramework C++ Classes’ and my standard Content folder.

Figured it out. If the Plugin is in the engine folder then make a Plugins folder in your project and drag the plugin into this folder. This enables you to edit a local copy of the plugin instead of possibly damaging the engine based plugin.