Content Browser Import Button Missing in 4.26

This is the first thing I noticed as it disrupts my workflow. in 4.25 and previous there would be a separate import button in the content browser between save all and another content button for import., integrated or not is there a way to restore that feature or is that now gone. In 4.26 it’s just not there and it is like not having a start button on windows.

Please someone address this to fix this now missing button or instruct a way to restore this feature. Please and thank you. in 4.26 as it is now it is most uncomfortable without it. perhaps an update sometime soon? I really don’t like the way it got integrated to be an unimportant function not prominently displayed for direct use. what to do?

Same thing to me. And I also prefer to have it back for my workflow… hope is something unwanted…

What’s wrong with having it merged with New? Never even noticed this since I just right click to import all the time.
Screenshot 2021-01-08 154349.jpg

Just a matter of speed, useful when import operation is doing frequently. With the old import button, the browsing window immediatly appears and you choosed immediatly the file to import (especially if the origin folder is the same of the previous import operation, this is really time saving). Doing with Add/import, you’ve then to go up and choose import to. So 2 actions. Not dramatic, but it was quicker with the old manner…

Please bring the button back or let us know if there’s a way to re-enable it

at lest make a shortcut for it … it is a tedious task , right clicking and moving all the way up the ladder to grab “import to/…”

You could always drag and drop into your content folders. It will give you import options when the engine detects them.