Content Browser icons are either too large or too small

I like the new UI design, but the content browser icons definitely need a change. In the old design, I could have two rows of perfectly legible icons in the content browser without taking up much space. In UE5, the same amount of content browser space gives me about 1 1/2 rows, not to mention the increased padding means less assets per row.



If I lower the icon size to small, it becomes barely legible, with names being cut short, font aliasing, etc:

There should be a size in-between both of these, or at the very least make smaller larger or larger smaller.



It looks like they have put in some extra padding and that border, which is then causing them to be bigger than they need to be. I agree that this can be improved by a few pixels to fit two rows in like in UE4. Do away with the silly footer bar and we could almost get three rows into that space.

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Yes bro You are Right I also Saw this

This is also my concern with the new version. Im here because Im looking for edit icon padding. Or as the above user wrote a more customisable size for the icons. Working from home I am kinda stuck with 1080p albeit a super large screen.


On this topic, the mouse wheel step resizing is the real missing feature in the new UI.
The predefined sizes unfortunately seem not provide suitable sizing and not in off variations.
Instead the small step mouse increments was a better way to feet any thumbnails sizes for any scenario.

In my point of view it will be preferable to get back a flexible incremental resizing in any form that make sens in UX point of view.
Also, it will be nice to have even more increment step than the mouse step in UE4.

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bump, having same issue.

Too small or too big, it’s missing a few in between. Is there a config file somewhere for that?

Using 5.0.3