Content Browser debug

Hey !

There is multiple bugs with the actual content browser that slow down the development / cleanup of projects in unreal :

-Cannot delete a folder easily : you have to delete one time for the content, one time for the folder, and going to the actual folder in the os explorer to delete again the folders.

-Cannot rename a folder : If you want to change upper case to lower case, it’s just impossible. And if you change the name on a folder containing a lot of asset : it crash.

Any plan to improve the content browser?

Hey Adrien!

Have you tried using fixupRedirectors after renaming?
Heres a link to the Doc:

I do agree though it would be nice for it to be a easier process. What I do though is I just make sure every time I make a folder, I have the naming correct and also make sure the folder is necessary to make and is it a temporally needed folder. If you do create a folder on accident leave it empty and close the project and save everything but the folder you make and then when you open up the project again UE4 will notice the folder is empty and remove it for you.

Hope these tips help! :slight_smile: