Content browser blueprint icon

Hello All.
Im not very experienced in Unreal Engine.
I tried follow some tutorial for inventory system in Unreal engine, and I found some which I like.
The base idea is to have Blueprint for Master Item, which contain only collision box and in Event graph solve the box overlap.
Then I have other items, like Potions, Weapons, Armors etc.
Potions are Consumables Blueprint, which is child of Master Item.
Weapons, Armors are Equimpent Blueprints, which are also childs of Master Item.
For Weapons and Armors I added to this Master Item Child Skeletal Mesh. Everythink is working, but main problem is, that in Content Browser, there is ugly white ball. I like to have icon (Image from printscreen), to be able recognize between different Childs.
I have small chance to change Master Item, because sometimes child item contain static mesh, sometimes skeletal mesh.
I tried to put Billboard as root item in Master Item, but this is also not helpfull, I can see icon in Viewport, but not in Content Browser.
I know, that for BP is possible Capture Thumbnail, but this is not way for me.
Is there way how to do that?
Thank for help