Content browser and searching freeze

Hi there,

This has only started recently and I can’t say what I changed/added for it to start.

But now, alot of the time when I have my content browser in content and type in the search bar, the engine just freezes and have to task manager to end process. It also does this when in a blueprint and search an animation or texture to add in the drop down such as play animation etc. (It does sometime occur when I try to open a folder in the content browser)

I have turned off real-time thumbnails thinking because my project is quite large, that may be caused the issue but no. So I have to manually click

PC specs - intel i7 10875 @ 2.30ghz
32GB ram
RTX 2070

I have not tried to copy over my project to a new one in the fear it may cause issues as this project holds all my progress.

I updated my graphics driver to latest STUDIO driver and it works fine now.