Content browser AGAIN

Well it doesn’t really matter what version it is. Epic could you put under product version “ALL”?

This problem has been here since 4.0. I am pretty sure that it started upon the development of UE4. I don’t remember having these issues when I played around with the UDK. I have posted about this before but we are now at 4.12 preview and nothing has ever been done to fix this nonsense.

What is the complete unnecessary nonsense?

Recursive moving. I don’t even know why you have the option to “Delete” seeing as how it simply doesn’t recursively delete.

I have been setting up a new project for production for last 3 hours. I have 6 marketplace assets included. I created these directories Environment, Props, Sky, Assets. It has taken me all this time just to set up the project. Now I am thinking about just ditching it because I added two assets from the marketplace and they are giving me all kinds of issues. Which means I will have to do it again. Which will take another 40 minutes to copy to the directory, fix redirects, delete in the content browser then open up explorer and delete it in the content directory.

It is not my machine because this has happened with every engine version on 6 different machines.

My question is:

Can I just move the -with explorer- assets data/name/content/name directory to my project content directory and fix the redirects? I am not sure if I have tried this in the past seeing as how I have been developing with the engine for about 2 years. But I am not doing it now so I suspect that it won’t work.

Or could you just fix it. I know somewhere on your development roadmap it is vaguely placed as something that might be fixed. But this is basic functionality here that takes a TON of time out of the development process.