Content binding stopped working after function rename

I had working content bindings, to multiple text and progress bars, that were linked to functions. After I renamed two of the functions (via the right click re-name menu) all of the bindings ceased to work, and had to be re-created via the create binding drop down option.

Selecting a different binding, then back to the existing one did not help.
Closing and re-opening the project did not help.

I verified it was not my content, as simply choosing “create binding” from the drop down and pasting the graph from the non-working function to the new function fixed the issue (although I had to re-create every binding/function in order to get them all working again).

I have renamed functions previously successfully, and was able to rename the functions after re-creating them as well.

Hey Morkath-

Can you elaborate on how you’re setting up your widgets and/or provide screenshots to help me reproduce the behavior you’re seeing? Additionally, have you tested if this behavior is the same in 4.13 or 4.14? Let me know if there’s any other information you can provide that would help me investigate the issue.

Hey ,

I don’t have .13 or .14 installed at the moment, plus I am loathe to try to force a repro of this on my end, due to having to recreate every existing binding function in order to fix it when it occurs.
I have only had this occur twice so far, the first time having too many changes for me to narrow down what I was doing. However this second time occurred after no changes other than the function renames.

Here is an example binding I was using that stopped working after a rename, then started working again by simply re-creating the binding and copy and pasting the nodes over.

The associated function it calls;

Re-selecting the function from the list didn’t fix it. I had to chose “Create Binding” again and copy the nodes over to get them working again.


I draw the widget via this;

Let me know if there is anything else specifically that could help.

Also, I verified that it wasn’t calling the function at all by placing a break point on the “Get Battle Table” node, it was never hit. It also was simply displaying no text, rather than the “Null” that would result from a failed cast.

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the behavior myself. I tried creating a widget blueprint and added a text block to it. In the Content section of the Details tab, I clicked the dropdown to create a new binding and entered some sample text. After adding the widget to the viewport and verifying that the sample text appeared, I opened the widget blueprint’s graph and renamed the function for my binding. Upon playing in the editor again, the sample text was still displayed on screen. If you’re able to setup a sample reproduction case in a new project, please provide the setup steps used or the sample project itself. I unfortunately cannot offer further assistance without additional information as to how you’re setting up and using your widget and function binding.

Hey Morkath-

We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will follow up.


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