Contemp - Student specialization project

Finally done with my student specialization project which is an Unreal Engine 4 game environment set in an old and abandoned house inspired a lot by Silent Hill P.T and Allison road.
The total project production time was 9 weeks and i’ve been working solo on this project. Focus was on creating props and assets but in the end my passion went more into level creation and working inside Unreal Engine 4!
My main tools duruing this project as an 3D artist was Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4.

Some project process can be seen here on the project blog:

And some more information at my artstation page:

I hope you like it! Would love any kind of feedback or comments!

  • Mica

Forgot to mention,
The environment is fully game-ready runs at 80-90 fps on GTX 970 setup and works very well with Virtual Reality using SteamVR so far!