Contains Item for Object Array Problem

Okay so i am trying to design a system in my game where players would be able to find Random pieces of paper known as “blooprints” and spawn objects at an ITemMaker, based on which blooprint was picked up.

I’m trying to make it so that it checks what is in the array, and spawn items according to whats inside the array.

So for example
1:character, traces to an ojbect in the world called A "Pistol-Blueprint"and adds it to his array.
2:He than traces to the item maker, and now it would check if the array contains the Item " Pistol-BLueprint".
3: If his array does contain this item Gun Blueprint it would then spawn the new object "Pistol"

I have started I think 3 forums trying to solve this problem, but i don’t think people understand my goal.
I have a system, where I
-Pick up an Actor by tracing into the world.
-add the traced item to an array, called “MyItemMakerBlueprints”

I have a huge problem though…When i go to use the “Contains Item” blueprint node, It has no options for me to put " Gun BLueprint" on it.
Now i actually have most of my system already built and figured out, except for the problem of how i cannot use the “Contains Items” Properly. I thought this might be the best way to achieve my system.
Is this the best way to handle a situation like this? Where i want a record of what the player has picked up, and use that to determine other objects to spawn?

This is the same situation as your other thread (please, do not multiply threads on same subject, use the ones you ever have opened) Tracing objects individually - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums but there was no mention of spawning.
As in this thread you could with a parent, set value added in an array in your character and know how much item of a category you had picked up, with this same parent system, you can check if an array of actors contains the blueprint selected by linetrace, only by checking index and then can spawn the blueprint you want.
You may not have try the example i kept time to do to help you. I invite you to do. This a fast and easy way to solve what you want to do.

Edit : You can too create an array of actors, and set in it all blueprints you want. If you do contains with the actor you line traced, it will return true if you have set this actor in your array before. Then use a branch to set what you want with.

sorry i thought i would become more specific on this one…Also I managed to solve it and i did use you way In the above comment…

-When I added my actor to the array from a trace, the array was using actors…I switched it to use a class, and switched the hit actor to get class and it worked. Yay :smiley: !