Contains invalid data in empty statich mesh

Hi, I create a BP class based on static mesh object, so then can create by the way some childs with same properties/variables, etc. But can’t leave Statich Mesh Actor empty without error, I’m pretty sure in the past, older version, leave like that withouth that issue. Is normal in current and future versions?

I got no errors when I do it can you supply a screenshot of it

Strange so…, for me if leave “None” get that error, since 4.21.0

Weird i just did another no problem maybe change from static mesh actor to just a actor and add a static mesh and see if the error atleast goes away

Thanx for reply, tomorrow will check in new project without plug-ins, else gonna reinstall the whole engine editor

I have the same problem. It doesnt appear if I add a static mesh, but I dont need and want a mesh in my bp. Do you have a fix now?

Didn’t, leave to expect to be fixed in 4.22 or next patch. It’s weird some friends have it, others no, same UE4 version.

I have the same issue, but with a blueprint that drives in-game audio. Restart of the engine fixes it, but its frustrating since the problem resurfaces when saving the game instance. Do you guys know if a bug report has been added for this?