Containers that come with engrams

Curious as to how you’d make a box that once placed has engrams/items already inside it.

Set the “Default Inventory Engrams” (in your structure’s inventory) to include your new engram and then add 1 more to “Default Engram”. Set this value to 1 (This makes it visible; Credit for this knowlege comes from alley_killa on the discord). Finally add it to your “PrimalGameData_BP” (or what ever you renamed it) under the setting “Additional Engram Blueprint Classes”.

That is what i replied to another topic, it should work.

Have you figured this out? I went ahead and did it myself because I’ve never done this and wanted to learn how to do it.

  1. Copy over three files to your mod: the structure you want to edit; the inventory file for said structure (or any, really); if you want this inventory to include a blueprint then copy the item(s) you want to add (yes, the item, not the engram!!)

Side note: if you add an engram to an inventory, it won’t appear until you learn that engram. So it’s important to recognize whether you truly want an engram in this box, or a blueprint. The only time you’d want an engram is if you want said item crafted in said box, which I don’t think you do. So, blueprint it is.

  1. Open the item(s) you want to be blueprinted. Enable “Is Blueprint”

  1. Open the inventory and add your item(s) to “Default Inventory Items”

Side note: You don’t need to add default engrams, or it’ll mess things up unless you set it to 0 anyway.

  1. Open up the box, switch to the components tab, and replace the current inventory with your modded one. I renamed mine so I knew which one it was.

  1. Done! It works, and you can remove the blueprint.

Downside: if you remove the items, it subtracts from the inventory, so you’d be at -2 in my case. There are other ways, such as going into the graph and adding the item to the inventory, but you’d have to figure out when you wanted it to (if you do it on Accessed Inventory, you’d have a duping issue!). If you want it to act like a loot crate, enable “Destroy When All Items Removed” in the physical structure file.

Hope this helps!

Following what Hustin850 said, you can skip step 2 and the engram bp altogether. In step 3 enable ‘Force Inventory Blueprints’ and also ‘Force Inventory Non Removable’ to disable the ability to remove the item blueprint, add the item only to ‘Default Inventory Items’ and you’re good to go.

I have managed to get it work guys. Thanks for all the help. Hopefully all these great answers will help others in need.