constructive criticism

Hi all,

I am looking to get some feedback on my arch viz scene. I think its still lacking something. Do not know if its the lighting or lack of shadowing, or maybe the geometry needs to be rebuilt? Its just kind of falling flat for me.

Any suggestions to make it look more dynamic or interesting would be appreciated.



I think your lightmap resolutiouns are very low: your objects are floating, you have no contact shadows… also the big shadow chunks on the sofa…
Your materials are dead… no normal map, no reflection…
Reflection: I don’t see ANY in your scene which is very confusing and unrealistic…
And some post process could do wonders…

Hello!, I have a forum section full of rendering tips for you to check it out:

Thank you guys. I will post some updated shots later in the week based on your recommendations. Great info!

Adding some context outside the windows would greatly help this scene.