Construction Site Environment

Hello Everybody.

My Name is Joel, im from Switzerland and practice gameDev as a hobby (atm:)).

Im very new to all this so im very open to any kind of critiques, comments etc, to help me get better in the developent process.

This is my very first scene in unreal engine 4.

here are some shots:

i also have some questions, i get a very strange distortion on some of my static meshes like these here:

and does someone know how to control the tiling of textures? in udk there was an option(F4) and one could control the tiling, but this seems to be missing?
or im missing it maybe :slight_smile: Would the solution be to create a TextureCoordinate-Node and work with that?

So many questions, but im thankful for any response

With best regars, joel

That’s a good start you’ve got there!
Working with the texture coordinate node works fine, and allows you full control of the degree of tiling.
On BSP brushes (but not static meshes,) you can set how narrow/wide the tiling will be in the editor itself, too.

Btw: I’ve seen a number of construction sites, and none of them is as clean as yours. I’d recommend adding overlays of sand/grime textures on the floor; bits of cut-off insulation in the corners; plastic sheeting covering various unfinished parts and the like. If you go to a few construction sites and bring a camera, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of good ideas! (And maybe some textures to import, too :wink:

Hello jwatte

Thank your for your Tips, i really appreciate them. i will try out the textureCoordinate-Node to control the tiling.
But i didnt find the control for a brush in the editor. Is it called “size”?

Yeah i know it looks way too clean to be a real construction site. But thanks for the Tip, i will definetly include some of your recommendations.

To add and overlay of grime textures, what do i tipp in the searchbar when browsing the documentation for tutorials? layered materials?

thanks for your help jwatte

With best regards, Joel

Hey there

im back with some updates from my scene.

i recreated my scene completly to ger a more realistic look. i also added some water- hand heatingpipes with its machinery.

im very unsure about the lighting. basically id like to have a day and night setting but i dont know how i should start. atm its just
randomly placed lights…

what do you guys think about it? please let me know any critiques, comments, hints etc.

with best regards, Joel

Very good man :wink:

So, i need your texture wall, the plasterboard, where can i find it ?

J’ai vu que tu venais de suisse, peut-être comprends tu le français :slight_smile:

J’aimerai savoir ou je peux trouver une texture de plaque de plâtre comme tu en as sur tes murs :stuck_out_tongue:

Merci et beau boulot !

Hey sorlag,

I’ve been following your progress for a few days now and I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you come up with! The pipes along the ceiling look great and the wall textures look like the freshly painted ad-hoc boards you often find in construction, you are really getting the feel down!

Hey there guys

@G. Luc : i will provide you with a tileable texture the next time i post an update. I made the texture myself, the plasterboard was taken from a construction site near where i live
et excuse moi mais je parle francais just un peu. Hehe im from the german part of switzerland so my second language is english, rather than french :slight_smile:
but anyways, ill upload the texture soon. Thanks for your comment

@Adam Davis

Thanks for your comment, it really means a lot to me. Its very difficult to create something without another pair of eyes looking at it sometimes.
for the next update there will be more pipes and more machinery, im trying to reuse as many assets as i possibly can.

Oh and Adam Davis have you guys at Epis got some Tutorials on Lighting in unreal 4? that would really help me out, because ive only placed some random lights until now
and i have no idea how i should go about that part…

Thanks for your time guys

With best regards, Joel

Hi Guys im back with a little update from my scene

ive been adding some new cardboards and boilers, but i still feel that the scene is empty somehow.
somethings missing but i dont know what… maybe you guys have a hint?

well here are the shots:

and whats wrong with theses meshes, it seems like they are some kind of invisible but i dont know why. Is it probably because i have deleted some faces in the inside?

im thankful for any comment, critiques, hints whatsoever, please let me know.

thanks, Joel

Nice choice for an environment. The stuff left behind at the end of the day can tell such an interesting story. My first reaction to your invisible faces is to assume that your tube object is only one face thick and that you have not capped the ends. Basically, polygons are typically invisible from the back(side facing away from the normals direction) unless you have double sided shading on. This is normal behavior and can be addressed by turning on double sided shading or creating some kind geometry (whatever shape your heart desires) to fill the hole.

I work in the film industry in the art department called Set Dec its where we dress a set to make it real. You got everything really blocked in which is awesome but now I would start thinking about the smalls. So light switches, plugins, saw dust, electrical panels, cables, to add maybe the ceiling isn’t completely done or the wall aren’t finished. Maybe a delivery in the corner of flooring or something or underlay. Some mud the worksite outside is muddy for example, table saw for baseboard would also be their and you could show that one room is much further ahead then the other cause they blend together and that not good want a foreground, and background. I hope this helps thou and gets you thinking anyway, if you have any question let me know.

Hey there Guys

@ Crose you need to set the material to be 2-sided. Youll find that option in the material properties.

@SimpolJosh thanks for the tip, it helped and got rid of the invisibility of my pipes. Thanks :slight_smile:

@BladeandChalice well without a real concept thats quite a frustrating experience. So i decided to finish the scene and go on and learn some new tutorials so i can make the next scene better (for the most part in preparation, which i didnt invest enough time…)
The scenes purpose was mainly to get myself comfortable with the engine so thats been done.

Well enough talk, here are the three last shots( click for higRes)

And thanks so much for all the help i got here, you guys really rock.

Thanks a lot

With best regards, Joel

Congrats in getting it done

Fantastic work so far sorlag! Can’t wait to see what else you add to your project. Keep up the great work!

Looks good , but you can always keep working on it and make it better :slight_smile:

@ BladeandChalice, Sean Gribbin and Arendt

Thank you very much for your comments and yes i could have improved the scene a lot, but im lacking hard surface modeling skills, for example for tools etc…

I need to do some education first and then i will come back with something better than this, i promise :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time, wish you all the best

Greets Joel

Hey joel great work. I have a question and a suggestion.

Question: how did you make that pipline on the cealing? Those support system too?

Suggestion: can you add support tray/rack for those cables/cords hanging from the cealing ? Because usually they don’t just hang like that. Cable management is a huge thing for electricians on the construction site (I’ve seen many constriction sites). I know it might be too much to do becuase it’s a a lot of details.

Example 1 for the suggestion
Example 2

Also flood lights, tool kits, work crates/boxes, work benches, ladders, stacked drywall, drills, hammers, etc. Basically make it look more like a real construction site. Wish you all the best with your future work.

Hi there Hobbilis

i try my best to answer your questions.

The pipes i created like the following picture, just some mashes that i can use modular.

For your suggestions, yes its true that cables need support tracks, however only if theres very much of them. I my scene the blue “cables” arent really cables,
they are just plastic pipes which will hold about 3 real cables in it. Its quite a standard in construction sites to see them, but thanks for your comment.

And someone asked for the plasterboard texture, well here she is:

hope that helps, cheers Joel

Don’t know if you have resolved this issue already, but did you set your material to “two sided”?

@ btengelh

yes i did. i enabled the material to be 2-sided and it worked after that. Thanks