Construction scripts - stop while editing BP

Hi all. Is there any way to NOT run construction script while being inside blueprint editor? I would like to edit/place some components by hand and next update them only while they are constructed in World. When I transform components while editing, the construction script runs and it fights with me and changes my modifications. I found a way to cheat it by branching on world location of root component which is always 0,0,0 inside editor. Is there any other way?

And one more question. Is it not better to not use contruction scripts but editor widgets if the work should only be done in editor? Do constuction scripts take much space in final packeges? I find constructions script to be comfortable to work with but the same work could be done outside from widgets. Please advice.

Just use


Editor widgets are an extension of the concept. There’s some stuff ( which escapes me now ) that can’t be done with CS, but can with EWs.

What is this “Run” node exactly? I can’t find it.

It’s a boolean variable. You declare it and make it visible ( click the eye ). Then you can set it when you want.

I was thinking about such solution at the very beginning but it would require to set this variable to true/false every time you edit the blueprint. I thought that it is some internal node I can use. Thanks anyway.

Yeah, you just have to disconnect the construction node…