Construction Script

Hello, I am confused on the purpose of a construction script. I am attending a very prestigious game design school, and one of the instructors works for Capcom. Long story short, I was informed by this instructor that the Construction script is only for editor side things and that when you build, the construction script isn’t actually ran but some of the functionality that the construction script supposedly has suggests otherwise to me. Does the construction script on an actor run after the game is built?

Constructor script is executed when the object is created - that’s the whole purpose. When you spawn objects during run-time their constructors will fire.

im pretty not sure, but i think construction script is fired when you drag your actor into level… try to do something in construction script like “spawn actor” you will see if its spawned when you drag actor into editor or when you PIE or when you package game…

i think there is difference between c++ construcTOR and blueprint construcTION script :slight_smile:

My bad for the wording. And yes, there is a metric ton of differences, agreed. The purpose is the same. Dragging a blueprint into the level, or dragging it in the level creates an object instance, and the Construction (thanks) Script is executed. It will not fire again when you PIE, though since the object already exists. It will fire again when you spawn additional instances during run-time.