Construction script - unreliable in editor + viewport

When using the construction script, ive noticed they are very unreliable in the level editor, and when playing in the viewport.

If I play the game in the standalone view, then it has no problem working every time!

This is frustrating to work with in the editor trying to get things looking right…

Hey Gibbz,

In order to further assist you, I’m going to need a bit more information from you. Could you please provide me information regarding what you’re doing, or possibly a screenshot so that I can verify that the construction script is having trouble currently? Also, are you on 4.8 Preview 4, or did you obtain 4.8 from GitHub?

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks! :slight_smile:

Im attaching a screen shot of an example thats playing up…
This still happens in the 4.8 release build…

Ive included the function library and my blueprint… Im not sure if its failing in my prop style function somewhere then not making it to the rest of the items. Ive noticed that prop style is also extremely unreliable in the editor also, so that may be the source of the issue.
Note: Bug only happens when passing in a value of -1 as the style on the prop style, But using prop style 0 still has issues with rotation also. So unsure whats going on…

So im setting the pitch and yaw values, then if i load my scene, theres a random this code gets executed, other wise the rotations never happen…

[link text][1]

Actually the bugs happening in game now too, its not just the editor…

Hey Gibbz,

After looking through your blueprint, I noticed that your actor wasn’t rotating around the viewport like it was suppose to do. This is because it’s been set up incorrectly. I have modified your blueprint for the search light, which will now rotate when you’re moving it across the viewport. We’re still looking into why “get world rotation” doesn’t work like “get actor rotation” does for this specific construction script.

Please keep in mind that this is simply set up for yaw only, you’ll need to modify it to add in pitch or roll as needed for your project.

ah thanks, but im adjusting the bones in the mesh, not the mesh itself. So ive included a mesh that you can test my scripts above on…

Also this other issue.
The trees are the same prop, im setting the “prop style” to a value of -1 to make it a random prop, as you can see from the blueprint function library code.
Each time you load the map you will notice theyre random. But in this image, tree A is showing 2 trees, tree B is not showing any tree, and C,D are both correctly random.

Could you look into this also. I cant figure out why this is happening to A and B should not be possible…
Ive put in a test level + props there for you to see this, shouldnt need the textures…

Thanks !

[link text][2]

Hey Gibbz,

A colleague and I have looked over your assets you provided a bit closer. We noticed that at least from our end, the skeletal mesh inside of the poseable mesh needed to be scaled up in order to see it. It also was missing materials, so I added some materials in, so it’d be visible.

We changed your blueprint around just a tad, and now the bones move as intended:

We renamed your ‘propstyle’ function within the blueprint because your blueprint library is called ‘propstyle’. We made sure to call to the blueprint library instead of the function within the blueprint itself.

I did look into the other issue that you said you’re having. Unfortunately, that is not my area of expertise. I would highly suggest posting your second question into its own post on AnswerHub. The level that you provided me by the way didn’t have anything pre-loaded into it either, and warnings for materials did populate. You may want to include the whole project for which specialist is going to be assisting you next.

Thank you, have a wonderful weekend! :slight_smile: