Construction Script Stopped Working in th Unreal Engine 4.24.3


1 - I created a Blueprint Class: Actor;
2 - I added a TextRender component;
3 - I added a Cube component;
4 - In “Construction Script” I added a “Set Text” Node with value of “Relative Location” of the Cube.

It was working perfectly on both: in Viewport and in the World, but “Construction Script” it stopped working on the World. Now it only works at Viewport of the Blueprint!!

When I change the cube position in the World, the TextRender component is not updated anymore… I don’t know why it stopped working!

I tried to uninstall and install UE 4.24.3 again, but without success …

I recorded a video to demonstrate! I kindly ask you to, if you can, watch to better understand my problem!

Please help me. I accept any help or tip!
Thanks in advance!