Construction script: Static mesh parameter greyed out, and then the static mesh disappears .... why?

HI ,
I’m struggling with a blueprint , it’s an actor that has a static mesh. In my app, i want ( in editor, not in runtime) right click on a mesh, and replace it with that actor. Instead adding the mesh to the actor manually , i made something in the CONSTRUCTION SCRIPT of the actor, to assign the mesh and even apply a material, and it works :slight_smile:


The problem is, whenever i make any change to that actor (if i move it, or change material …) the mesh disappears instantly !! I know that in Construction Script it’s special … whenever you make a change, the whole script is executed again, but i can’t figure out how to solve that, i tried with some variables , but it’s still the same problem.
And before the mesh disappears, there is also something i don’t understand ! If i add an empty actor to the level, and then add manually a mesh to the actor, well … there is absolutely no problem ! It doesn’t disappears if i make a change, and it looks like this :

But, if i replace a mesh with an actor and assign automatically the mesh to it (and it works), the parameter will looks like this in the editor:

IT’S GREYED !!! i really don’t get it !
any help please? :slight_smile: