Construction Script Roads

I am using world composition and have roads that are laid out manually via a spline and a construction script attaches spline mesh components to this. Adding these spline mesh’s takes a lot of time (~2 mins for the longest). I also have to have up to 3 world composition tiles loaded to create some of the roads since they have to also call some line traces to the terrain. This all works fine until I reload the editor and the construction scripts have to be re-ran.

Do I need to save the generated spline meshes or what am I missing? I want to avoid generating this in real-time since I am currently relying on this for mini-map generation, though if I need to I can write a routine to stitch it together one tile at a time.

What about disconnecting the scripts once you’re happy with the results?

How do I do this? I have a boolean that blocks the construction script from running (if I click the checkmark it will run once and set it self back to false), but when I reload the editor all of the roads disappear until I rebuild manually.

Ok, yup, scratch that idea.

What about, once you’re happy with the result, you get the BP to replace itself with an actor(s)?

You can code the BP to run through the spline and replace the sections with a mesh. I have done this with other BPs, not splines yet…