Construction script performance

I have a blueprint that I use to create charts as meshes dynamically with a bunch of functions. There a few loops (5-10 iterations max) using short arrays of values passed by the user, but everythig gets very sloppy when I use the sliders of said variables as the construction script gets called over and over. Is this supposed to be expected even with a somewhat simple construction script ?
What are the things I could do to run things smoother ? I wanted to add a delay between calls to the script but it seems it is not possible from what I have read.

You could use Instanced Static Meshes if you’re not doing it already. Or, instead of Construction Script spamming things, use a an editor callable custom event. Something along the lines of this, perhaps:

After selecting this actor in the level, you can call that event:


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Oh, wow! I didn’t know you could just convert custom events to buttons, thanks!

Thank you for your reply
Would instanced static meshes make a difference even for a very small amount of actors ? Also I guess there are drawbacks to them, what would they be ?
I started working on this blueprint with a custom event as a button but it made things a bit hard since the meshes transforms depend on each others and different variables. Changing a few things makes everything move and thus it’s difficult to position the whole thing without a live preview.