Construction Script not Working if the object is on scene

All my blueprints this is happening everything was working fine then today that happened.

All actors that use Construction Script run when i move and when put them on the scene but they don’t run when i play the level.

If i spawn a actor the Construction Script also runs. But as i said… If the actor is already on the scene it just don’t RUN!

We are at the end of a project and this happened we tried.

Changing the name of the project.
Creating another project EMPTY.
Repair our Unreal Engine with verify.

And the bug still happens! Please help me out guys!

But the construction script was running everytime we played before!?

The construction script only runs once when the object is created

So only when you place it in the level in the editor, or when you spawn it while playing.

If you need it ran while playing, add it to the event graph behind an event begin play or custom event and call the event when needed.

create a custom event in the event graph then call it as a function within the construction script.