Construction script not executed for child actor in 4.11


I noticed a problem with 4.11: it seems that the construction script of child actor components are not executed during play.

In my construction script I populate an array with some static mesh components.
This blueprint is used multiple times in the level, some time directly and some time as a child actor component.

When I am not in game I can see that everything is fine when I hover on the variable with all the instances.
But when in game, only instances that are not child actor components have their array populated.

Is it a bug or do I need to do something different in 4.11 ?


This issue currently exists in our database as UE-25451. This issue has been fixed internally, and the fix will be available in a later version.

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I am currently running into the same issue. Problem was I couldn’t set mobility of child actor in 4.10 and now I the construction script wont execute for 4.11. Is there a workaround? A way to run the construction script manually?

Currently, there is not a known workaround for this issue. If this changes, I will be sure to report that information here.

If you happen to come across a workaround in your own investigation, please respond back to this post so I can update the report.

Thank you

Had similar issue (on 4.11) on an Actor Reference variable. Making this variable public (yellow eye) fixed the problem in my case, so info generated by construction script doesn’t get deleted/reset at run-time. Give it a try.