Construction script keyboard/mouse input in editor?

Hey guys, I posted a question on the answerhub a few days ago but there hasn’t been any replies so I was thinking maybe I could get a response here.

Basically am trying to create a building tool using blueprints. For this I need to detect input on the construction of the object, so when the mouse key is released from manipulating the 3d widgets a ‘MouseDown’ variable becomes false and executes some alternate functionality in the construction script, but this doesn’t seem to work. I have tried using a combination of the event graph looking for ‘IsKeyDown?’ but that seems to only trigger at all if the actor is clicked on, not triggering false for a released key. And I have used input events to set a variable which I thought would work but it does the same thing. Apart from that I don’t know how to approach it. :S

Is there any recommended way to get this kind of thing to work inside blueprints? If not would this be something that is easily achievable in C++?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: