Construction Script Issues

Hi, I’m attempting to draw debug lines between actors in the CS (for visualizing custom-set connections between actors). I’m for/eaching through a custom set array of actors and drawing debug lines from the calling actor to the actors in the array.

Everything is working, except extra lines are being drawn to world 0,0,0. My array length matches the number of actors to draw lines to, and via print strings I am only seeing those array items being executed on - yet this phantom line always is drawn? Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

Also, via debugging I can see that the CS seems to run 3x in a row. I see three copies of the print strings every time I compile the CS. Is this normal?

I found a method around this. At the beginning of the CS I created a check to see if Self Object Name == the default base class name (which I got from printing out all names). For me the default base class name was “actorname”+_C_0. Once I filtered this out it stopped treating the base class (which I guess lives at 0,0,0) as an instance to draw to.