Construction script for creation and movement using, forward vector, and get actor location


So I’m running into a little bit of trouble trying to create and place objects. It appears to look fine in the editor but when I launch the game all the objects seem to ignore the code I have highlighted in the image. If I move the code to the begin play in the event graph then everything works fine, but then I lose the ability to preview it in the editor. It seems to create and run fine with the blueprint being in both the event graph and the construction script but that feels wrong. Suggestions for a better way to do it? I assume it has to do with the get forward vector and actor location?


In your event graph create a custom event and put your code there then just call the custom event in your construction script. Seems to solve any of those odd proplems

Thanks for the reply Zoltan,

Putting in the custom event cleans up my construction graph a bit and safeguards from possibly making a change in one graph and forgetting to change in the other. Although I still need to call the event in the construction graph, for previewing purposes only, and off of event begin play for the actual “construction.”