Construction Script | Can't set new Cable Width from Cable Component

When a Cable Component is created within the construction script and then the Cable Width is changed in the blueprint with the “set cable width” node everything works. Though if the new value comes from a variable which is set to “editable” the width of the cable in the viewport wont change. I am moving the object in the viewport to update the construction script.

This setup works and changes the cable width to 3:

While in this setup changing the variables value doesnt affect the cable width:

I noticed the visible cable width was correctly displayed in the viewport after compiling but after moving the actor it jumped back to the wrong default width. Also I think the variable doesn’t have to be set to editable to cause this problem.

I would really like to know that too. Can you tell me if you find a solution.

I will post it here if I find a workaround :slight_smile:

Hi Lemorange,

Thank you for the report. I was able to reproduce this so I created JIRA UE-45203 and our devs will be investigating further. Follow that link to monitor the status of the report.



It says that this is by design. Is there any sort of plan to make it editable at runtime eventually? I don’t understand why Epic would deliberately make it so that you can’t edit the properties in blueprint after spawning the cable component. It seems like adding a cable component dynamically would be a common situation for many game devs and not being able to edit the properties makes it incredibly cumbersome to use.

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I might be digging up an old topic, but I have the exact same problem with UE 4.26+.

In my test I spwan three BP_cableActor with a Blueprint script (StartScript_BP) who’s giving me some debug log.

In my test, the cables width variables values seem to be correctly set for each cable (cf debug).
Both with the inner SET operation or the outside SET operation as well (for cable 1).

Strangely the mesh don’t seems to be updated, even if the value is correctly set.
If I manually change the value while being in simulation (who is useless as the value is set correctly with the script) the rendering is then updated.

This is very strange because this mean we cannot procedurally generate cable with specific width value. Do you know a work around (maybe to force the rendering pass), or at least a hack before this issue is solved ?
@TJ V :diamonds::diamonds: STAFF any idea ?

I’m sharing my basic test code in the next comment.



Here is my basic test code :
link text