Construct Object From Class

I have just upgraded to 4.18 (from 4.15) and ‘construct object from class’ now shows an error in my blueprints. It says it cant construct objects of type “/Script/CoreUObject.Object”.

I need this behavior, is there a workaround for this? This call worked fine in 4.15 but has stopped now we have upgraded.


You can repeat this easily by going into a blueprint and adding construct from class, then drag off the class pin and promote to variable. My tests here show the error with this setup when compile is clicked. Hope this helps.

Hello DSE,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We already have a bug report in for this issue as it was a regression from 4.16. You can find the bug report here: UE-48436. I would suggest following that page for further updates on this bug’s progress.

Have a nice day!