Construct 2 Style "Event Sheets" in UE4

At my high school, we used this game engine called Construct 2. While it really isn’t an engine to be making full on games in, it is a pretty nice prototyping tool. One of the features I really liked in it was these “Event Sheets”. Basically, they are kind of like regular code, except they are blocks that you can put together visually in a Condition -> Action way kind of like Scratch. Search " Construct 2 Event Sheets" on Google images to see what I’m talking about.

I know Unreal Engine 4 has Blueprints, but one thing I really don’t like about it is the graph style. I really hate the wire clutter and messiness. I like how clean and orderly regular code is. I know I could just code in C++, but I find C++ extremely difficult.

I would really like to see these " Event Sheets" in Unreal Engine 4 because they have both the advantages of Blueprints and regular code. They are easy and can be made visually, like blueprints, and they are much more readable and less cluttered.

I think a good name for these event sheets for Ue4 would be “Blueprint Blocks”.

I hope this style of scripting comes into Unreal Engine eventually, maybe in UE5 or something.

This looks messy or like “spaghetti”. Hard to read and understand.

I think this looks better. It’s much easier to understand. No spaghetti!:

The difference is Blueprints are using horizontal presentation while Construct 2 uses vertical presentation.With Blueprints you can affect a result to any number of other nodes, and you can group Blueprint nodes visually with a background color.

Honestly, I almost instantly picked up the Blueprint logic - no idea about the Event Sheets screenshot. I think it’s just an issue with familiarity to be honest.