Constrain two Pawns together


Currently I’m struggling to constrain two pawns each controlled by a different player. The effect I would like to have as if the are holding hands for example, if one moves the other one is “dragged” behind him, if both move in the same direction they just move and if both move in opposite direction they don’t move at all as they both try to move away from each other.

The effect in the game happens when the player is shot with a “sticky” projectile it attaches to the hit player. As soon as another player collides with the sticky projectile as well they should be “glued” together.

My first attempt was to do it via a force that pulls them towards each other based on the distance between them, but that was feeling weird and on top of that as the other pawn was not moving the player moving away was “slowed” down by the still standing player.

Is there a way to connect them somehow using a physics constraint, but I guess i would need to enable physics then which will lead to other weird effects I assume.

Any help would be appreciated.