Constrain axis in a trigger box ?

Hi everyone,
I have an issue that I hope you guys can solve !
I would like to constrain the Z axis of my character when it begin overlap a trigger box. So that it can only move to the Y axis. When it end overlap the box, the constraint goes away and the character can move freely ^^
(My character is a rolling ball)

I’ve tried many things in Blueprint but I can’t figure out how to do it… I’m pretty new to unreal engine, hope there is a way to do this.
Thanks a lot !

Hi man,

i never read about this kind of constrain, But
you can surely build it up .

For example.
When entering the Trigger make the RollingBall, save his Z location , and a new boolean to 1, lets call it ConstrainZ.
When leaving the trigger set the boolean back to 0
In the tickevent, if ConstrainZ is 1, Get the RollingBall worldlocation, break it, ( get your saved Z and make another vector with this instead of standard Z ) and than set his worldlocation

Thanks a lot mate !
I will try this a soon as I can :slight_smile: