Constantly receiving input without touching any key


I have started from a blank project and created a pawn (not a character). I created a player controller and a gamemode. I added 2 axis mappings for key A and D to move left and right.

Then for my character I created following blueprint:

Well, when I execute my game I can see how every frame from the begining I am receiving Move Left events. Have been checking blueprints, etc… and all seems nice (Warning: Newbie here). Could anybody guess what is happenning?

I have set my pawn to Auto Posses. Here are the spawn defaults:

Hope anyone coudl help here,
Thanks in advance.

Are you sure you want to use an axis?

You may as well use an action mapping.

The axis is only useful if you want to use it. Like on a gamepad or from the mouse. Buttons work perfectly as action mapping AND you also get a “pressed” and “released” signal.

multiply the axisValue by the other stuff before setting the location.

Well, I was thinking that the event was just called when a movement was made but it seems this is like polling the controller and every tick a value is sent with a 0 axis value. As Erasio suggested I will use actions to get discrete values during time.