Constantly have to re-log into UE4 forums + marketplace lately

Apologies for my frustration, but…

Am I the only one experiencing constantly having to re-log in to either the forums or marketplace from the web browser lately? This has only been taking place within the past few weeks or so but it is VERY irritating to have to do this over and over and is such a time waster when either trying to look up info or even view what I have bought from the marketplace, especially when you have 100’s of assets in your vault. To top it off, the login page actually takes user to the default UE4 page ALL the time when having to login forcing user to back track to where he left off.

Epic browser Devs, please fix this or at least have login accounts remember login credentials for more than 1 day, especially for people who login regularly to view bought items or to buy more through the web browser.

Sounds like your browser is deleting your login cookie.

Thanks, Using Firefox, but cookies are not being deleted by browser…or at least my privacy settings are not set to do so.

Epic Browers Devs, can you please explain why I’m being logged out all the time (and have to log back in all the time) when I access the Marketplace/vault/forums from my Firefox web browser. I prefer to use the browser for viewing marketplace content rather than the Epic launcher as it is much more user friendly for opening new tabs for items I’m interested in. If the Epic launcher wasn’t so much of a performance hog, I’d use it more, but even on my top tier system I do notice when it is running. Very crucial for VR development. It would be so nice if my login credentials were actually remembered like before. The settings of my browser are standard and not set to reset everytime so the problem must be on your end unless you can prove that it’s not.

Please respond. Thank you

Same here. Forums have been crapping out overall too. For example, sometimes I cannot open a forum link from google; I get stuck in an endless redirect loop. I have to go to the unreal engine website and click the forums link which seems to fix the issue. But the original tabs stuck in the loop go straight to the forum landing page instead of the link I opened, meaning I have to reopen the link from google

Yes, something so easy to fix is no just ignored so it seems. I don’t have this problem anywhere else on the web, only with Epic.

Same here. I access to website via 4 different computers and I almost always need to re-login and enter verification code (even when I check Remember this device).
I do not even know how many times I enter verification code (and wait for email for 5-10 minutes).

Sometimes I log in on the portal/homepage and after on the forum (seems it does not share login sessions). After few minutes when I back to portal/homepage I need to login again and vice versa.

I have this issue only here.

Confirming this problem

I have the same problem. I have to re-login every day at least once. I’m accessing the website from several devices but also sometimes just from one and the same. So it does not seem to make a difference. Something is really wrong with the website and it is very very very annoying.

Also the login page does something strange so that my password safe application is unable to fill out the username and password correctly. So this is another manual step there I have to repeat over and over again.

And the infinite login/logout loop that’s happening… I had to disable my ad blocker to fix this on my side. This worked flawlessly before so I don’t know why I would need to do that out of the sudden.

Please fix all these issues. It makes me stop using your website and looking for assets in the long run.