Constant kicking for no apparent reason

for some reason my character is just kicking, and kicking, and kicking. It apparently isn’t my key for kicking (disconnected it), the variables I have for kicking (changed to true and false, doesnt change anything) and I haven’t changed anything in my Animation BP as far as I remember. whatever screenshots you need, ill give. in the viewport for the Animation BP, it does the normal idle animation. its just during runtime apparently.

Are you using foot ik?


Moving on up

What exactly are you expecting from us? You’ve posted no info whatsoever and you’re even uncertain yourself how it’s set up:

I haven’t changed anything in my Animation BP as far as I remember

Perhaps you did, we don’t know how you set it up, for sure. Who wants to spend time asking random questions hoping something connects. There are simply too many things that could go wrong.

Place Prints Strings & Breakpoints everywhere where it matters and step through the script.

So uh, that’s the problem. I didn’t CHANGE anything in the script. I added an anim notify, it still worked, then I did SOMETHING I don’t remember in the anim blueprint. I don’t have access to UE4 rn (out) but when I get back I’m going to check if I accidentally used an animation asset instead of the blueprint. If that’s the case, I’m going to delete this thread in pure shame that I’m so stupid. Sorry for bothering you if I did that, I just realized that could be the case while writing this. I’ll notify you if I find out it’s not that.

It’s pretty common to find a solution to an own issue right after post about it. It’s like an epiphany :smiley: Gives one perspective on things.

Yup. Especially an issue you’ve had not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES before. You always forget to change it back to the blueprint when making the collision box for melees.

Do tell once you find out. Curious. If it ever happens for the 4th time, you’ll come back here.