Constant interpolation

I know others have asked this before, but the threads are old and didn’t seem like a good solution was found, so to avoid being a necromancer I’ll start a new thread.

Basically, the timing for my attack animations are getting slaughtered by the auto interpolation in ue4. What is snappy and powerful in blender turns to a sluggish mess in the editor. Often I use extreme pose changes, and when these get interpolated the bones will do really strange rotations to get from one to the other.

I’ve tried increasing the fps in blender, making all the curves constant, baking each frame… No success, unreal still wants to interpolate down to some 0.01 seconds between each frame. I want my animations to go at 30 fps, which is obviously not the same as 300 smaller stepped frames per second. The next thing I’m gonna try is making an animation montage for each attack by dividing them into three sections (startup, impact, recovery) because I don’t think there’s any interpolation between section jumps in montages.

If anyone has any other ideas please help me out, I would really like to be able to visualize what an animation looks like in blender before I import, and not have it suddenly look too smooth. :slight_smile:

PS: the game I’m working on animations for right now is very cartoony, hence why I need supersnappy movements.