Constant freezes in UE 4.25.3

I’ve been trying the last 3 or 4 days to work with 4.25.3 and getting constant freezes where UE just stops responding. Occasionally I’m able to ctrl-alt-delete and kill the process but in a lot of cases, it freezes it so bad that I have to restart my system to get out of it.
My project at this point is very small. I’m using World Composition, landscape layers and between 3 and 7 landscapes (levels in World Composition).
The freezes happen I’ve noticed doing some of the following things:
Saving all levels
Opening new levels in the level editor

Sometimes I suspect the problem might be having a separate editor window open like the material editor or level editor while performing some of the above actions but can’t be sure.
Are there other reports of the engine freezing for others?

i can’t do anything, i click on one thing, anything, and it freezes and crashes the computer… i may have to download 4.18 or something just so i can work… you are not alone (smile)

I’m going to try in a new project without any third party content or plugins to maybe see if they might be the issue.

i had similar issues in 4.24.3, the editor would crash when trying to do even the “smallest” thing.

people seem to have the problem isolated to ray-tracing, but no word from devs as of yet.

I switched over to version 4.23.1, and have not had a crash in like 3 weeks of running it non-stop.

so u can go to 4.18 for stability, but from what I have seen, version 4.23.1 is also extremely stable : results may vary depending on system specs : personally I am barely meeting the minium requirements to run the engine : for a point of reference and version 4.23.1 gives no zero issues.

hope this helps.

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google it, its Awesome.

yeah i had no problems with 4.23 either, but my hill tree 02 took over an hour to compile… just tried 4.18 and it compiled in about 5min… rather than even try to migrate backwards just copying and pasting folders is working like a charm… i’m just going to build levels for awhile, they should upgrade easily when the time comes…