Constant frame hiccups in editor no matter the project on 4.21

I’ve been getting constant frame drops every second no matter which project I launch, be it my own project or a fresh new template project.

I know there was an issue related to Aftermath which was causing the same thing in 4.19 and 4.20 but it seems like it has been fixed now.

The hiccups occur both in the editor and in PIE.

Had the same problem (in 4.19.2); fixed it by rolling back to an older graphics driver for my (old) video card.

I also had this nightmare, was searching and reading around, but only thing that “helped” is reverting Nvidia graphics driver to a very old one. But, problem of Engine/Driver of course remains and ball is on developer’s side to fix it. This is just workaround to get smooth non-annoying development flow.