Constant fight with broken name detection

Hey Epic, pls fix your asset name detection pls, its 4.7.4 and there is still this dumb issue.
I don’t have a material “bench_01” ok, so im creating it.
“there is already an asset with that name”
No asset with that name in project. At all i removed it. Still throws this error.
Check content folder, there is no “bench_01”.
Throws error.
Why others dont have these issues? Why im finding myself everyday trying to fix these seemingly basic
things that you could have already fixed years ago, how long you develop unreal? 17 years ?
17 years and these issues are still in place?

Go into your content folder, and hunt down the old one. Asset cleanup is still broken but this will fix it for now.

Edit: Also, Unreal 4 is relatively new. U4 is built pretty well from the ground up. It is not UE3.

just as nobody ever actually reads what i say in first post, ill just quote
“Check content folder, there is no “bench_01”.”

now special prize for the one who can find bench_03

First, I apologize for missing that in your first post. As I browse through tons of them trying to see where I can help, and I am quite busy. If you close Unreal and delete your intermediate folder, does that help? I’ve never ran into this particular problem, as I can usually find the offending asset in my content folder.

How to turn off this trash system that prevents me from managing my own assets the way i want?


please don’t bump more then once every 4 days.


Hey samb. Just a couple questions to try and help hunt down the problem for you.

Did you at one point have an asset by the name(s) of the assets giving you problems and had deleted/removed them? If so, you don’t necessarily have to delete the entire Intermediate folder, just the CachedAssetRegistry.bin file within the intermediate folder (and perhaps try deleting the ReimportCache folders contents aswell within the Intermediate folder at the same time as deleting the other file). This causes the editor to scan for currently valid assets the next time it loads up. If the problem persists after doing so, it could help rule out certain things being the source of the problem.

Also, are some (or all) of those assets from any sort of imported package/module/plugin? If so, I’m wondering if there may be an issue within the imported package/module/plugin being dependent on a deleted or missing asset.

Also, is your project strictly a blueprint-based project or does your project contain any c++ code as well?

Thanks for REAL help man, ill make a bat that cleans that up.
No only graphical assets there check link in my sig.

Did I win? :stuck_out_tongue:

Assets look great man, nice detail. Even some graffiti in there :slight_smile:

Just to be sure, deleting that CachedAssetRegistry.bin cleared up the issue?

Ill respond as soon as i check, cant right now.