Constant Crashing-UE 5.1.1 and 5.2

While I would like to use Unreal Engine the constant crashing makes it frustrating and unusable. My system has dual RTX 20270 GPUs and I am using the latest version Nvidia Studio Driver 531.61 Even simple scenes with a few Quixel assets crash out. How can I debug this? As it is I will have to abandon using UE as the constant crashing is killing any productivity. I went down from 5.2 to 5.1.1 but the crashes keep coming. Attempting to import a low poly OBJ crashes even a blank scene.

I have noticed that, unlike Unity that simply shows an error in the logs and then abandons the current function, when Unreal encounters a null it completely crashes. Thus it happens to me far more than I would like to admit :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, what I found (through my vast experience) was that when Unreal crashes and it pops up that window to tell you that it has crashed, that window is ACTUALLY rather helpful. Near the top of the page it lists exactly what line in what script caused it to crash. This has helped me tremendously in debugging my own code.

The latest issue I had was that I create an array, populate it with stuff then print off the array length. Before I use the array I check the length again and then use the first entry if it exists. For all my careful footing it still crashes every time I try to access that array for some reason. Due to how careful I was in using this array I would never have thought that this was the problem but that crash window pointed me to exactly that line and voila, my code is fixed.

So yeah, when you have a crash, inspect that crash window. Super helpful
Good luck