Constant crashes while compiling


Ever since 14.1, I have been pretty much unable to work on our project at all. Every 5 compilations or so, the engine crash with this error:

Crash log (relevant information): [here][2]

In the log, it says EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION, which could make sense if it would happens every time I compile, but it only crashes after the fifth or so attempt to compile, every time I reload the project. The rest is close to non-sense to me at the moment. I’m digging, but no luck so far.

Any help would be appreciated!



Can you provide also a screen from the blueprint please (if it is possible)?

EDIT: Ignore it… just saw this is a fairly complex blueprint.


Hey CyanBalloon,

This is actually a known issue that has been reported as resolved for 4.15.

You should be able to grab the fix commit and merge that into your engine if you’re using a source build, otherwise the fix should be available in the 4.15 release.

Have a great day

Amazing, and thanks, you’ve helped me a great deal so far Sean ;).

You have a great day too!