Constant changes making UE4 difficult to learn


I’m excited by the fact that Epic have made UE4 free (which perhaps also forced the Unity guys to make that engine fully free as well - competition is good) and I’m eager to learn visual scripting through Blueprint. I have 25+ years development experience, including C++, but I can feel early onset Alzheimers coming along due to constant programming :p. I’m currently working with Unity 5 but feel that Unreal is the way to go for some larger scale projects I have in mind, plus the fact that it seems to be a more complete solution than Unity.

But I’m having real difficulties getting into Unreal because of the constant changes to the interface and functionality, which have rendered many of the tutorials useless. I have 4.4 and 4.7.4 installed but there seems little point in rolling back to an earlier version to learn a technique that you can’t use in exactly the same way in the latest version.

I’ve so far tried to follow two video tutorials but encountered an impass in both as they were clearly created with an earlier version of Unreal in mind.

I understand that Unreal offers a more visual approach than Unity but isn’t there some framework you can work to that would minimise the effects of these all-too-regular changes?

Hi syntaxerror,

Which two videos were you getting hung up on? Maybe I, or one of the community, can help you get it sorted. :slight_smile:

From what I understand there are plans to update the videos, but that does take a little bit of time.

Are there plans to update the documentation and wiki as well? I have found stuff in both that seems like it is for much older versions and thus does not work.

We update the documentation as quickly as possible while still continuing to document new features and add tutorials, samples, and other content.

The wiki is community-driven so updates to those pages would have to come from the community. Anyone can edit those pages.