Console port programmer for Ape Law on Albino Lullaby

Console port programmer

This is a PAID position.


We at ApeLaw are looking to bring on a talented programmer to help us port ‘Albino Lullaby’: Episode 1 to console.
We are also looking to have full support for Oculus and Morpheus.

The perfect candidate will also be able to offer general programming support.
-Updating the engine to the current version when applicable.
-Making test and live builds for steam.
-Trouble shooting idiot artist/designer problems.

You can learn more about albino lullaby here:

and dig even deeper with our press kit here:

ApeLaw exists to explore and experiment with games as the next great storytelling medium.
You can learn more about our founder and creative director here:

If this sounds like a fun job for you hit us up at
If you are in the Boston area you get extra special gold stars.