Console Pop-ups : Calling PS4 or Xbox functions in Unreal C++

I’m currently porting a project from PC to console. There are a lot of requirements to publish on their store and one of them is to send notification to the user in some situation. Controller disconnecting, achievements, etc.

Today I tried to look up in the documentation to find how to call this Xbox type notification for lets say achievements and couldn’t find anything.

Can somebody show me an example on how to do that or just a link of where the information about this is.

I’m really confuse right now on whether we use our own assets or we use the PS4/Xbox sdk. Thanks to anyone helping :slight_smile:


If you are a registered console developer, then you should have access to the private development forum sections here for PS4 and XB1. Please ask all console development question in their respective sections, as the details of console development are to be kept private.

Thank you.